Online presentation of revolutionary Diia e-services to make your life easier and more comfortable
We'll tell you about
How we transform the state into convenient mobile app
How we fight the corruption in Ukraine by the services digitalization
We'll present new public services which will save your time and nerves
And new digital documents, which will simplify service's receiving process and reduce the number of unneeded papers
Diia app renewed design
What Ministry accomplished over the year
Volodymyr Zelenskyi
President of Ukraine
Mykhailo Fedorov
Vice Prime Minister
of Ukraine, Minister of Digital Transformation
Diia Team
This presentation is for
Ukrainians, who have an ambition and opportunity to change the country. You'll be delighted to know what way we have chosen, what we plan to do and how exactly you can help to make all ideas become real and digitize the services.
About the Ministry of digital transformation
Our main goal is to build the most convenient state in the world for citizens and business.
On the way of transforming Ukraine into a real digital state there are many public services to be digitized, legislative base to be updated, state registers to be aligned, technical opportunities and data protection to be provided. The changes will come not only to public services, but also to public health, business, education, transport, judicial sector, democracy, etc.

Our first step is to develop the online one-stop-shop for public services, so every citizen will receive the needed help when and where it is convenient. We already simplified the access to many public services and introduced the opportunity for feedback - to understand whether everything we do is right.
we're the first who developed e-passport
we launched the quickest business registration in the world
we create the first virtual business-country
more than 5 mln Ukrainians use Diia Portal and mobile app
we provide free-of-charge business consultancy to entrepreneurs
we teach digital literacy to people for free
Our goals to 2024
public services are available online for citizens and business
of transport infrastructure, populated areas and their social objects have the access to high-speed Internet
6 mln
Ukrainians are engaged to digital skills development program
IT share in country's GDP
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Ministry of Digital Transformation
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